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bojack horseman vincent adultman

Vincent Adultman is a character in the Netflix original series Bojack Horseman. He is voiced by Alison Brie.

Vincent is a 10-year-old boy who is really two midget conmen in a trenchcoat. He first appears in the episode “Live Fast, Die Old“, when he is hired as an assistant by Bojack Horseman. He is later fired after Bojack discovers his true identity, but is re-hired in the episode “Later“.

Why Vincent Adultman is one of the most relatable characters on Bojack Horseman

Vincent Adultman bojack
Vincent Adultman

Vincent is shown to be a skilled con artist, able to fool even Bojack Horseman. He is also shown to be quite intelligent, able to understand complex concepts and Adultman is also shown to be a skilled negotiator, as he was able to get Bojack to re-hire him after he was fired.

Vincent is a loyal friend to Bojack, often standing up for him and offering advice. He is also shown to be brave, as he was willing to stand up to Bojack even when he was fired.

Vincent is a complex character and an important part of Bojack Horseman. He is a skilled con artist and negotiator, but he is also a loyal friend to Bojack. He is brave and always willing to stand up for Bojack, even when he is fired.

Vincent Adultman’s journey from Bojack’s friend to Bojack’s enemy

vincent bojack horseman
vincent bojack horseman

In the early days of their friendship, Vincent Adultman was one of the few people who truly understood Bojack Horseman. They bonded over their shared love of Hollywood and the dark secrets they both kept hidden.

However, as Bojack’s self-destructive behavior spiraled out of control, Vincent became increasingly frustrated with his friend’s inability to change. Vincent eventually realized that Bojack would never change, and he decided to cut
ties with him.

Since then, Vincent has become one of Bojack’s biggest enemies. He is now determined to expose Bojack’s dark side to the world and make sure that he pays for his many crimes.

Vincent Adultman’s importance in the Bojack Horseman universe

Vincent Adultman is a character in the Bojack Horseman universe who is important for a few reasons. First, he is one of the few human characters on the show. Second, he is a representation of the adult world that Bojack Horseman lives in. Third, he is a symbol of the corrupt and dark side of Hollywood.


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