Bojack Horseman – Vance Waggoner

Vance Waggoner

Bojack Horseman’s sixth season on Netflix was completed a little over a year ago, and I’m still not over it. The show had one of the most diverse supporting casts on television and was groundbreaking in depicting mental illness, addiction, and trauma. But out of all the intricate and ingrained characters in the series, Vance Waggoner was the one who always caught my attention.

The life and career of Vance Waggoner

The majority of Vance’s time is spent drinking, using drugs, and sleeping with much younger women. He is a washed-up movie star. He is a horse as well. And although at first, it might seem like a joke, it soon becomes obvious that Vance’s being a horse is a fundamental aspect of who he is.

Vance battles the same problems that many real-life celebrities face throughout the series, including the pressure to uphold a certain image, the loneliness that comes with being in the spotlight, and the ongoing worry about being replaced by someone more successful and youthful. However, Vance stands out for the way he approaches these issues.

The inspiration for Vance Waggoner’s character

Vance finds solace in being a horse, in contrast to other characters in the series who frequently turn to alcohol or drugs to dull their pain. He converses with other horses, eats hay, and even spends the night in a stable. Vance is a compelling and relatable character because it is obvious that he finds solace in his horsehood.

The influence of Vance Waggoner’s work

Although Vance may find comfort in his horse persona, he also finds embarrassment in it. Vance serves as a reminder that not everyone can maintain that level of perfection in a culture that prizes youth and success. His current status as a horse serves as a constant reminder that he was once a failed star.

Vance is still a likeable character in spite of all of this, though. He is charming, funny, and supportive of his friends at all times. Although he may not be flawless, what makes him so unique is that he is genuine.

The legacy of Vance Waggoner

So Vance Waggoner is the only choice if you’re looking for a rich and fully realized character. Although he is a horse, he is much more than that.


In BoJack, why was Philbert canceled?

In BoJack, why was Philbert canceled?

Because Philbert was a critical and commercial failure, it was cancelled.

Who is Vance Waggoner supposed to be?

That name doesn’t belong to anyone.

Who is Vance’s actor in BoJack?

Paul F. Tompkins, an actor, plays the part of Vance.

Who is the model for BoJack Horseman?

Will Arnett plays BoJack Horseman. Henry Winkler, an American actor and television producer, served as an inspiration for BoJack Horseman.


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